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Don't play WoW in the missionary position, don't Play WoW standing up, just don't play WoW.
Brofang: 80 Worgen Death Knight
Stagrunner: 85 Night Elf Hunter
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Just click play!

(Source: operation-filet-the--bitch, via sodontholdmedown)

You know it is with these half-draenei/half-black man rapists these days…

Dear Tumblr,

Here is a can of dicks.

Love, The Brofessor.

"I just want to eat a baby and get a blowjob. Is that too much to ask?"

The Brofessor


Who the fuck starts maintenance at 1AM PDT tho.

With love, from the Brofessor.


Bob: Hey Ted?

Ted: Yes, Bob?

Bob: Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout?

Ted: I dunno. Gargoyle stuff, I guess.


Why are the Brom Characters so great tho Fang
Bromein: That man is even more inappropriately dressed than me
Bromein: And I'm a fully-grown man wearing booty shorts.
Bromein: But you might surprise me.
Bromear: If I surprise you, do I get a raise?
Bromein: Maybe.
Bromein: But I pay you in peanuts, so it would just be more peanuts.
Bromear: That's okay. My family eats the peanuts.
Bromear: He's making fun of me because I'm fat.
Bromein: He has a vagina.
Bromear: Fine-ass night elf druid there.
Bromein: Did you kill 'em good?
Bromein: And make off with their womenfolk?
Bromear: Well, I'd have foraged in that bear form's bushes, let me tell you that.
Bromein: Mmmm
Bromear: Unfortunately, I had to tear her small intestine out and beat her to death with it.
Bromear: She was scaring the children.

Anonymous Asked: Can I still make Sara Wilson's Dicktopia?


I can’t exactly stop you from making Sara Wilson’s Encyclopedia of Dicks. Go with God, Satan.

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